Connect with people who matter to you most, and see where they are globally, real-time.

koneqted gives you that direct line to your family and friends, making everyone feel closer despite the distance and time difference

Safe and secure

Sharing real time location on the map is temporary, users may opt out anytime


The national flag of your home country represents you on the map.

Community of users

You can find out if there’s anyone in your vicinity who’s also from your home country and say hello. This is especially useful for tourists who need assistance from someone who speaks their language

Filter users

You can filter the community of users in your current location by home country, by country users are currently living in and by their unique category (OFWs, locals, migrant workers, permanent residents/ immigrants, refugees/ asylum seekers)


You can search the location of any user anywhere in the world - like your children in your home country, your classmate who has migrated overseas or your colleagues working or studying abroad

Messaging with a Private Map

The in-app messaging displays a private Map that allows you to see location of person you are chatting with wherever they are located in the world


Create your list of family and friends for easy communication and location sharing

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